Department of Education - School Visitor Policy

All visitors must show proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination to enter a DOE school building. Acceptable proof of vaccination is one of the following:

An acceptable COVID-19 vaccination includes one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine fully authorized or authorized for emergency use by the FDA(Open external link)(Open external link) or WHO(Open external link)(Open external link)

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Special Education Office Hours

Every Monday from 1pm to 2pm

Topic: Special Education Office Hours

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            School Health Policy / COVID 19 Information 

If your child test positive for COVID 19 please report the case by clicking on the link:  Please click here to fill out the form to report a COVID 19 case

COVID information :  

COVID-19 Guidance

This guidance provides best practice considerations for schools for the 2022-2023 school year to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among students and staff.

Vaccination: Vaccination is the best way to reduce COVID-19 risk. Encourage up to date COVID-19 vaccination for everyone six months or older.

o    Visit the Vaccine Finder page(Open external link) or call 877-829-4692 to find a location near you.

o    Up to date includes boosters for everyone who is eligible and additional primary shots for some immunocompromised people. See At-A-Glance COVID-19 Vaccination Schedules ( external link).

o    Vaccination Requirements:

§  Vaccination is still required for all visitors entering school buildings

§  Vaccination is still required for all DOE employees

§  Vaccination is still required for other individuals who work in DOE buildings

Daily Health Screener:

o    No longer required to enter school buildings.

Stay home if sick: Students and staff should stay home if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses and get tested for COVID-19. 

 Isolate if COVID-19 positive: Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 5 days and can return to school on day 6 if they have no symptoms or symptoms are improving. They must wear mask until day 10 after symptom onset or date of positive test, whichever is earlier.

o    These cases should be reported to their school so they can be report into the sit room for exposure notifications.

 Get tested if exposed to COVID-19: Students and staff who are exposed to COVID-19 should get tested.

o    These individuals should receive home tests from their school and take two tests, at least 24 hours apart on day 4 and day 5 of their exposure. All exposed individuals should monitor for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms for 10 days after their exposure. If symptoms begin, they should not attend school and should isolate and get tested for COVID-19 again right away. 


o    Starting the first day of school, schools will offer home test kits to those with a potential in-school exposure and those with symptoms

o    In addition, each staff and student will receive 4 tests per month to take home. These tests can be used by school families for testing due to symptoms, exposures, high-risk activity (such as travel and large gatherings), and can give staff and students immediate results.

o    In-school PCR surveillance testing will not be a part of the 2022-23 school year.

 Masking- Face coverings are strongly recommended to be worn when indoors. Masks will be made available at the school for all those who need/want them.

o    Students and staff, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask when:

§  Returning to school on the sixth day after testing positive for COVID-19, through day 10 after symptom onset or date of positive test, whichever is earlier, including when traveling on a school bus.

§  Entering the school medical room, nurse’s office, or school-based health center.

§  Exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at school.

o    Students and staff, regardless of vaccination status, are strongly recommended to wear a mask:

§  When they were exposed to someone with COVID-19, whether the exposure occurred in school or outside of school. The person should wear a mask for 10 days after their last day of exposure and get tested at least 24 hours apart on day 4 and day 5 of their exposure.

§  When they are moderately-to-severely immunocompromised, and masking is recommended by their healthcare provider.

§  In crowded indoor settings 

English Language Leaners Family Resources

The ENL team will be hosting a NYSESLAT parent workshop on Tuesday, January 10th. The workshop will focus on how to prepare your child for the writing and reading sections of the upcoming NYSESLAT exam. 

The meeting will occur via Google Meet from 5:00PM-5:30 PM or 5:30PM-6:00PM. 

Video call link: (Vocabulary development)

ESL Quizzes 🤔 | EnglishClub

Fun online quizzes for learners of English. Includes quizzes on grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation. For learners and teachers of English as a foreign or second language.  (Vocabulary development) (Vocabulary development/Phonics)

Raz-Kids (Reading/Phonics)

Lexia  (Reading/Phonics) (All subjects) (all subjects)

Homework Help & Study Tips - Fact Monster

Homework Help on English, math, history, geography, science, and social studies

Starfall Education: Kids Games, Movies, & Books K-3

At Starfall, children have fun while they learn - specializing in reading, phonics & math - educational games, movies, books, songs, and more for children K-3. (Math)

Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Guidelines for Playing Outdoors

DOE Guidelines for Playing Outdoors

In cold weather, students should still be allowed to play outside whenever possible. Unless it’s snowing, there is ice on the playground, or the wind-chill factor is below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), schools should not prohibit outdoor play based on the outdoor temperature alone. On very cold days, school staff should make sure that students cover up skin, wear warm clothing, and use several layers to stay warm.

Physical Activity

Children and adolescents should participate in 60 minutes of physical activity (Open external link) every day. Along with physical education, a substantial percentage of students’ physical activity can be provided through school activities, including classroom-based physical activity, recess, active transportation to school, and out-of-school time activities. The NYC DOE is committed to promoting and supporting these opportunities. Schools will ensure that these activity opportunities are in addition to, and not as a substitute for, physical education (addressed in “Physical Education” subsection above). The NYC DOE recognizes that students are more attentive and ready to learn when they have periodic breaks to be physically active or stretch. Accordingly, the NYC DOE also recommends that teachers provide short (3-5 minute) physical activity breaks to students during and between classroom time. Physical activity breaks should complement, not substitute for physical education class, recess, and/or class transition periods. Resources and ideas for implementing regular, physical activity breaks are available through USDA (Open external link) and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (Open external link).


Elementary):The NYC DOE strongly recommends that all elementary schools offer at least 20 minutes of recess on all or most days during the school year, and encourages schools to develop a recess plan minutes to maximize this time for children’s health and well-being. Also, recess should not be used for meal time, as schools should schedule lunch periods so that students have at least 20 minutes to eat their lunches.


Per State regulations, recess may not count toward the physical education requirements, but should complement, not substitute for, physical education class. Recess monitors or teachers should encourage students to be active, and they can be powerful role models by being physically active alongside the students whenever feasible. Because children benefit from vigorous exercise, they should be given the opportunity to play outside whenever possible. Unless it is snowing or there is ice on the playground, low temperatures should not be a barrier to outside play, as long as children are appropriately dressed. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene strongly encourages principals to maintain outdoor play periods on the vast majority of winter days. The NYC DOE recommends that in the event a school must conduct indoor recess, teachers and staff should develop and follow an indoor recess plan that promotes physical activity for students, to the extent practicable. Recess recommendations and resources are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and SHAPE America (Open external link).


Bell Schedule





8:10 – 8:15

 Period 1

8:17  – 8:58

Period 2

9:00 – 9:41

Period 3

9:43  – 10:24

Period 4

10:25 – 11:15

Period 5

11:17 – 12:07

Period 6

12:09 – 12:59

Period 7

1:01– 1:42

Period 8

1:44 – 2:25


2:25 - 2:30


Lunch Form Information

"To assure the appropriate allocation of Federal Title 1 dollars to your children's school and to determine the eligibility of your child(ren) for certain rights and services under the No Child Left Behind Act you must complete this form.."

One form can be filled in for all children in your household. 

If you have not filled out a paper form or one found on the account, please take a few minutes to complete the form below. If you prefer, you can email Ms. Soto and she can provide a paper copy. 

When submitting your information below, please put our zip code 11379 and then click on New York City Schools. The next few questions are about your household members and income. This information is completely confidential  

We have been informed that many of you have not filled out a lunch form. Whether your child eats a hot lunch or not, we need a response from each of you. We may be missing out on certain funds if you do not have responses from you.

Click here : Family Income Inquiry Form

Arrival and Dismissal

Our  official school hours are 8:10 am to 2:30 pm

Arrival of Students:

Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth grade students  will enter using exit 4 in the school yard .

Fifth and Eighth grade students will enter the main gate and proceed to exit 1 which is the front entrance of the building on 65th Place.

Sixth and Seventh grade students will enter the main gate and proceed to exit 3, the door which is located to the far right of the building on 65th Place..

Dismissal of students:

 Kindergarten and second grades will be dismissed at 2:25 pm from exit 4 in the school yard.

First, third and fourth grades will be dismissed at 2:30pm from exit 4 in the school yard.

Fifth grade will be dismissed at 2:30pm from exit 2 on 65th Drive. 

Sixth grade will be dismissed at 2:25pm from exit 3 and proceed to the main gate.

Seventh grade will be dismissed at 2:30pm from exit 3 and proceed to the main gate.

Eighth grade will be dismissed at 2:30pm from exit 1 and proceed to the main gate.

 Early morning drop off starts at 7:45am for students who have pre-registered. Students enter the school building through exit 1 and proceed to the auditorium.

Dial A Teacher- Homework Help

Mental Health and Wellness / Staying Healthy / Crisis Support 

Mental Health and Wellness / Staying Healthy

Please contact  our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Melissa Phillips, School Social Worker, Ms. Sherise Thomas or School Counselor, Karen Rattner for more information about our school's mental health program.

Nurse- Laurie Grimaldi

Pathways To Care

NYC Mental Health for All

Mental Health for All is a central hub where every New Yorker can connect to care and find mental health resources for themselves and their loved ones. No matter the age, ZIP code, ethnicity, or gender, we want every New Yorker to be able to live their best life.

NYC Well Hotline

NYC Well offers free-confidential-24/7 support for problems like stress, depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol use. NYC Well services include: counselors who will respond without judgment; connection to suicide prevention, crisis counseling and emotional support for you or someone you care about; and referrals to Mobile Crisis Teams for people experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Text and chat available in English, Spanish, and Chinese; for service in other languages please call number provided below.

Crisis Supports

Hite Site

Hite Site offers a citywide online search for mental health, social services, and healthcare agencies.

Staying Healthy: 

 Crisis Support: 

Food  Menus 

Click  on the menu:





pre-K—8 schools; middle schools; high schools.

Parent University

 Guide to Google Classroom

Supports for Remote Learning 

Please click:

Steps to access Google Classroom. 

Please reach out to Mrs. Phillips  or Mr. Chim  

If you have a password that no longer works or if your child has forgotten their password please email  Mrs. Phillips  or Mr. Chim  

To Access Google Classroom 

 Go to 

Go to Teach Hub ( upper right) 

Sign in using the student’s email 


Look for Google Classroom

Pasos para acceder a Google Classroom

Comuníquese con la Sra. Phillips escribiendo a o con el Sr. Chim escribiendo a si no puede ingresar con su contraseña actual, o si su hijo olvidó su contraseña.

Para acceder a Google Classroom:


Vaya a Teach Hub (arriba, a la derecha).

Luego, ingrese utilizando la dirección de correo electrónico del estudiante


Finalmente, busque Google Classroom.

Esperamos que esta información sea útil.

Como siempre, estamos disponibles para asistirle en lo que necesite.

Google Classroom) مرة أخرى

يرجى مراجعة الخطوات التي شاركناها سابقا حول كيفية استخدام منصة (

خطوات الوصول إلى منصة (Google Classroom)

يُرجى التواصل مع السيدة فيليبس/Phillips عبر البريد الإلكتروني أو السيد شيم/Chim عبر البريد الإلكتروني إذا كانت لديكم كلمة مرور لم تعد تعمل، أو إذا نسي طفلكم كلمة المرور الخاصة به.

للوصول إلى منصة (Google Classroom) اذهبوا إلى الموقع الإلكتروني انتقلوا إلى (Teach Hub) مركز التدريس (أعلى اليمين) قوموا بتسجيل الدخول باستخدام البريد الإلكتروني للتلميذ(ة) كلمة المرور: ابحثوا عن (Google Classroom)

نتمنى أن تكون هذه المعلومات مفيدة لكم.

كالعادة، نحن جاهزون لأي دعم قد تحتاجونه. مع جزيل الشكر،

Доступ к Google Classroom

Обращайтесь к Ms. Phillips или Mr. Chim, чтобы восстановить пароль.

Вход в Google Classroom

Перейдите по ссылке

Нажмите на Teach Hub («Учебный центр») (верхняя строка справа) Введите имейл учащегося Пароль:

Найдите Google Classroom

Надеемся, что эта информация будет полезной.

Если необходимо, мы всегда рады помочь. С уважением,



 Parent Workshops 

Wednesday December 14, 2022  at 10:00 am. - In  person parent workshop What is the difference between bullying and conflict? Facilitator Ms. Sherise Thomas, Social Worker

When entering the school building, all DOE visitor protocols are in place. Please provide photo ID and proof of at least one COVID  19 vaccination.

The ENL team will be hosting a NYSESLAT parent workshop on Tuesday, January 10th. The workshop will focus on how to prepare your child for the writing and reading sections of the upcoming NYSESLAT exam. 

The meeting will occur via Google Meet from 5:00PM-5:30 PM or 5:30PM-6:00PM. 

Video call link:

Science Fair Meeting for grades 6-8 - There will be a parent meeting held virtually in the morning on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 9am. The link to join the meeting is :

What is Bullying - What is Conflict. We will be presenting this workshop on January 25th at 10am virtually.

A PowerPoint presentation will be included therefore to maximize the experience, please log in versus calling in, if you can.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 293 965 714 019

Passcode: vZDo89

Download Teams | Join on the web

Staff Contact Protocol

To ensure that your questions and concerns regarding your child are addressed appropriately and in a timely fashion, please use the following contact protocols outlining who you should contact regarding any issues that may arise:


1. Class concerns, students' grades, and questions for your child's teacher- Please email your child's teacher directly.


If you need additional assistance, please contact Ms. Phillips, Parent Coordinator 


Assistant Principals

Ms. Petrolekas

Ms. Jelen


2. Attendance Issues- Please email Ms. Soto or call the main office.

3. Guidance Services or concerns about your child’s social-emotional well-being - 

Please email a support staff member or call the main office.

Ms. Rattner, Guidance Counselor @

Ms. Thomas, Social Worker@

Ms. Channan, School Psychologist @

Ms. McKay, Social Worker @


4. General questions about school events:  

Check our website at 

Instagram page @psis128queens 

Follow us on Twitter @ PSIS128D24

You may call the main office directly (718) 326-6210


Please contact the appropriate staff members listed above to address any questions or concerns that you may have. The steps outlined above will help you reach a resolution and acquire information in a timely manner.


You may contact Principal Trani @ or call the school to speak to her directly.

Coffee With The Principal

Thursday, January 12, 2023  Ms. Trani will host her monthly Coffee with the Principal meeting at 9:00am.

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 234 695 000 112   Passcode: ieJq7D

Download Teams | Join on the web Or call in (audio only)

+1 347-966-4114,,315324835#   United States, New York City

Phone Conference ID: 315 324 835#

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