Welcome to science!

Mrs. Barravecchio

"The important thing is to never stop questioning" - Albert Einstein

Mrs. Barravecchio


Grading Policy:

Exams and Quizzes - 50%

Homework- 10%

Classwork - 25%

Class participation - 15%

Assignments/ Topics:

always check google classroom for more detailed information including assessment scores and assignment grades

Week of Jan. 17, 2022

704 - Students must complete an activity on Amplify which is due on Friday. More information is available on google classroom.

8th grade - Students must complete a vocab worksheet which is due on Friday.

Week of jan. 10, 2022

704 - due to quarantining regulations things had to be shuffled around last week. We will be moving the quiz to Thursday 1.14.

There will be an edpuzzle homework assignment which will be posted on Tuesday and due on Friday.

8th grade

last week assessments had to be postponed. Therefore this week students will be assessed. The schedule will be:

Acceleration quiz - Tuesday (Wednesday for 803)

Exam - Wednesday (Thursday for 803)

Performance Task - Thursday - review TAILS for graphing and velocity equation

Week of Jan. 3 2022!


This week we will continue to study how molecules' behavior and energy transfers relate to phase changes. There will be a quiz on phase changes on Friday 1.7

8th grade science:

Tuesday - quiz on acceleration

Wednesday - exam on Unit 3 - Force and Motion

Thursday - performance task

Week of Dec. 20


Wednesday and Thursday we will be discussion how and why molecules change their motion as the phase changes. Please review all key concepts and vocab for homework.

Happy Holidays!

8th grade:

all science assessments are postponed for this week. We will have the acceleration quiz on Tuesday 1.4 and the assessment on Wednesday 1.5

please review all notes this week and complete all classwork assignments.

Happy Holidays!

Week of Dec. 13

8th grade:

assignment in Amplify - due on Thursday evening. This requires students to log in using their DOE account through Teach Hub

Unit 3 Exam on Forces and Motion will be on Monday Dec. 20 and Tuesday Dec. 21!

Week of Dec. 6

7th grade:

vocab worksheet on google classroom due on Thursday evening

8th grade:

edpuzzle on velocity and force due on Thursday evening

Unit 3 Exam on Forces and Motion will be on Monday Dec. 20 and Tuesday Dec. 21!

Week of Nov. 29

7th grade-

Wednesday - complete Fish Bowl discussion

Exam moved to Friday 12.3 on Unit 2 - Metabolism

8th grade-

worksheet on Newton's laws due on Thursday 12.2

Quiz on Forces and Motion on Wednesday 12.1

Week of Nov. 22 - Happy Thanksgiving!

7th grade-

Wednesday - performance task - Unit 2 - Metabolism

Thursday - 12.2- Unit 2 -Metabolism Exam

8th grade-

review notes on Forces and Motions

Quiz on Unit 3 next Wednesday (12.1)

Week of Nov. 15

7th grade-

edpuzzle due on Thursday evening - look in google classroom for more information

socratic seminar on Friday - review evidence cards and article (more information will be given in class)

8th grade-

vocab worksheet for Unit 3 - Forces and motion - refer to google classroom. This is due on Thursday evening.

LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS FRIDAY - https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/next-lunar-eclipse.html

Week of Nov. 8

7th grade-

there will be a quiz on Friday on metabolism

homework for the week is to review notes in preparation for quiz

8th grade-

Unit 2 exam - Earth, Moon and Sun on Tuesday

NO School on Thursday!

Week of Nov. 1

7th grade-

worksheet on circulatory vessels due on Thursday

Election day assignment posted on google classroom for TUESDAY

8th grade-

assignment about stars for TUESDAY

worksheet about eclipses due on Thursday

Exam #2 - Unit 2 - Sun, Earth and Moon on Tuesday Nov. 9

Week of October 25:

7th grade-

Edpuzzle do on Thursday evening

Quiz on Metabolism on Friday

8th grade-

complete the moon information worksheet on google classroom;

quiz grades will be released by Tuesday on google classroom

Week of October 18:

7th grade-

complete the worksheet on google classroom label parts of the digestive and respiratory system and identify the function of each part you labeled - due Thursday

8th grade-

annotate article and complete the 5W's worksheet in google classroom - due on Thursday

Quiz on key concepts and terms for Unit 2 on FRIDAY 10/22

Week of October 11:

7th grade-

Wednesday/ Thursday - read article about molecules and develop 4 wonder questions in google classroom

Friday - review notes

8th grade-

Tuesday/ Wednesday - complete vocab builder

Thursday - review notes - especially vocabulary terms form unit 2

Friday - check google classroom for overall average. All late work must be made up by Sunday 10/17

Week of October 4:

7th grade - complete Wednesday's assignment on vocab building; worksheet on google classroom posted on Tuesday will be due on Thursday; exam next week

8th grade - review argument and evidence - performance task will be done in class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Review for Friday's unit exam - Geology of Mars

Week of September 27:

Monday and Tuesday - complete the observation document in google classroom

Tuesday - quiz on Unit 1 vocab

exam #1 - Friday 10/8 - Unit 1 - Geology on Mars

Week of September 20:

Monday and Tuesday - read and annotate article about Venus; be sure to complete attached document and submit it by Tuesday night

Wednesday - review claims regarding channel formation

Thursday - review vocab - QUIZ on TUESDAY 9/28