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Friday June 26 -

Happy Summer - Have a great summer!

Wednesday and Thursday

I posted a reflection form for the students to complete. Please remember that I appreciate and value their input. This information will help me plan for next year. In hopes that students take their time, this assignment is not due until Thursday afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday

804 : Optional Practice Final

Please be sure to record answers in google doc

Week #13

Thursday 6.18

Class 804: please review your notes and take the quiz posted on google classroom.

Wednesday 6.17

804: Cycling of Material

1. Watch the video lesson about the cycles of an ecosystem. Be sure to take notes to use to study for your next quiz (tomorrow)

2. Watch the phosphorus cycle video posted below

3. complete the google worksheet which includes a reading about the water cycle. Be sure to read the directions.

Tuesday 6.16

Take the virtual field trip to the Amazon Rainforest. Be sure to complete the document in google classroom.

Monday 6.15

804: Biomes

1. watch and take notes on today's video lesson on biomes

2. research one of the biomes mentioned in the video

3. complete the google document

4. comment below - what was the most interesting thing you found out.

Week #12

Thursday 6.11

804: Pyramids of Energy and Biomass

1. Watch and take notes on today's pre-recorded lesson

2. View the questions on the game link attached and RECORD answers in the google document

Wednesday 6.10


Population Effects

1. Watch and take notes on today's lesson - populations

2. Complete the worksheet on graph analysis

Tuesday 6.9 - HIV Lesson

Monday 6.8

804: Energy Flow through an Ecosystem

1. Watch and take notes of energy video

2. complete the crossword challenge

Week #11

Thursday 6.4

Please click on one of links below to take a virtual tour of amazing places….

Submit one of the following:

Three screen shots (can be taken with your phone of your computer screen ) of different parts of your tour


A tour review citing three specific things you saw on your tour and whether or not you would recommend it to someone else. (minimum of five sentences).

Here are the three virtual tours:

Natural Museum of Natural History -

International Space Station -

Monterey Bay Aquarium -

Wednesday 6.3

804: Symbiosis

1. Watch and take notes on the video posted

2. Complete the google doc attached

Tuesday 6.2

804: Nutritional Relationships

1. Watch and take notes on the video posted.

2. Complete the worksheet attached to the assignment in google classroom

Monday 6.1

804: Ecological Organization

1. Watch and take notes on today's lesson

2. complete the worksheet on ecology

Week #10:

Thursday 5.28

804: Practice Regents – be sure to record all answers in the google form

Wednesday 5.27

804: Evolution Quiz

1. Review notes on evolution

2. complete the quiz on google forms

Google meets at 11am

Tuesday 5.26

804: Evidence of evolution

1. Watch the evidence for evolution lesson

2. Watch "evidence for Evolution/ biology/ khan academy"- take notes

3. complete google form attached

Week #9

Thursday 5.21

Natural Selection

Please remember to take notes in your notebook for every lesson!!!!

1. Watch and take notes on natural selection - natural selection lesson video

2. Read p. 121 - natural selection (image 22pdf)- summarize it in natural selection document.

3. Listen to the example of natural selection - video - example

4. Create your own fictional example of natural selection occurring

Wednesday 5.20

804: LaMarckism

1. Watch the video lesson on LaMarck

2. Complete the attached document

There will be a google meets at 11am!

Tuesday 5.19

804:Darwin’s Theory

1. Watch the attached video Lesson about Darwin

2. Watch the PBS film about the exploration of Darwin

3. Complete the document attached

Monday 5.18

804: introduction to evolution

1. Watch and take notes on the video lesson

2. Watch the trailer – intro to evolution on youtube

3. Complete the document attached


Thursday 5.14

804: Assessment on Genetics

Please complete the attached google forms.

Wednesday 5.13

804: Answer the questions to assess your understanding of the content for unit 5. There will be a live review at 11 on google meets. Assessment tomorrow!

Tuesday 5.12

804: complete the practice assessment on genetics. I will post an answer sheet at 3pm. If there are any questions , we will be having a live review tomorrow at 11

Monday 5.11

804: Genetic Engineering : cloning

1. Please watch and take notes on today’s video lesson

2. Please read the article from National Geographic about Cloning

3. Complete the document attached to the assignment

Week #7

Thursday 5.7

Genetic Engineering II - Mutations

1. Watch and take notes on the video

2. Watch the you tube video about mutations and define key terms

3. Answer the question posted

Wednesday 5.6 -

Genetic Engineering I

Please watch and take notes on the two videos posted in google classroom.

Please complete the google form to assess your understanding of today’s lesson

Tuesday 5.5

Complete the quiz on google form.

Monday 5.4

804: Proteins and Codons

Watch and take notes on codons and proteins

Complete the worksheet

Week #6

Thursday 4.30

Please attend google meets at 10am and then complete the document in google classroom.

Wednesday 4.29

1. Watch and take notes on the video - protein synthesis I lesson

2. Watch the video to help reinforce your understanding of protein synthesis

3. complete the document attached.

There will be a live lesson tomorrow at 10am. I really hope all students can log on for it. Please let me know if it will be an issue.

Tuesday 4.28


1. Watch and take notes on DNA replication lesson

2. Watch the DNA replication you tube video and answer questions in notebook

2. complete the DNA google slides - complete and submit

Monday 4.27


1. Open the trait frequency data table and count the number individuals for each category from Thursday's assignment.

2. Open the lab document (Freq. of traits) attached and determine the percentage for each trait based on the from #1. The total number of individuals is 33.

3. Answer the three questions on the bottom of the table

Week # 5-

Thursday 4.23

804: DNA Structure

1. Please watch and take notes on today's lesson about DNA

2. Color the DNA model using the guidelines in the document

3. Answer the questions about DNA on your colored copy of DNA not on the document.

Wednesday 4.22

804: Multiple Alleles

1. Watch and take notes on multiple alleles.

2. Complete the class work in documents be sure to show work.

Tuesday 4.21

804: Pedigree charts and check yesterday’s work

The answer key is posted as a question on google classroom. Please have the students check the work and answer the question.

1. Please carefully watch the video on pedigree charts. You may want to pause and attempt to write the practice pedigree chart in your book before we go through it.

2. Complete the two pedigree charts in the google doc attached

There will be an extra help session on meets at 11am today!

Monday 4. 20

804: Applying Mendel’s Genetics – Bikini Bottom Worksheet

I will be doing a live lesson at 10am to help students understand the worksheet

Week #4 - of Remote Learning - Special Week of Fun Activities!

Science Menu: Taken from Google Classroom (please check for more information)

Direction: Please select ONE of the three tasks to complete during the week of April 13 - 17 We hope you complete it with one or more people you are "quarantined" with. Feel free to do more than one. Have fun!

1. Watch the movie Earth (you tube link is below) with a family member and conduct an interview (sample questions are provided in the attached document). You can video the interview or type the interview and then submit as evidence you completed the task.

2. Complete the Tower challenge (see assignment provided). Please take a picture of your tower and submit as evidence that you completed the task.

3. Design a Rube Goldberg (see assignment provided). Please take a picture of your work and submit as evidence you completed the task.

Thursday 4.9: ELA Day

please use today to work on your ELA assignment and to make up any work you still need to submit for your classes

Wednesday 4.8: Mendelian Genetics Part II

1. Watch and take notes on today's lesson

2. complete questions in google forms(be sure to show work in your notebook)

Tuesday 4.7 : Mendelian Genetics Part I

1. Watch and take notes on today's lesson

2. Read the pdf page 1 and 2 only about Mendel - answer questions in the Mendel document

3. Write the answer to the exit slip in the Mendel document

Monday 4.6 : Monster Genetics Lab

804: Genetics – Monster Lab

Please watch the video for instructions on the lab

Complete the lab document

Upload your "creation"

Thursday 4.2 : Introduction to Genetics

Please complete the following:

1. Watch and take notes on the PPT - Intro to Genetics

2. ATTEMPT to answer the vocab sheet attached. This information is challenging but as the unit continues you will revisit this sheet and correct it.

Wednesday 4.1 : Review and Informal Assessment

1. Please complete the ppt in your notebook. These questions will only be up for the next two days. The review questions in this PPT will be used to help review for your test when we return to school. This information is based on Unit 5 Part I - Reproduction, Development and Cell Division.

2. Please complete the attached assessment. You will need to sign in using your gmail account. You may use your notes but you cannot resubmit the assessment once you complete it. You will only have 30 minutes to complete the 10 questions.

Tuesday 3.31 : Human Reproductive System

Please complete the following:

1. Watch and take notes on today's lesson about human reproductive systems and development

2. complete the attached document using information from the PPT and the review book - pages 168-170

ask any questions in the comment section below or email me

Monday 3.30: Lab 3.3 Menstrual Cycle

Today we are going to attempt to do a lab. If you can - print 5,6 8-11 if not listen to directions in today's video. Be sure to play part I first, there are two videos to watch.

Please - graph the data and complete the questions in the packet. Do not write a typical lab report.

Friday 3.27:

No class on Friday but you can go to the museum - click below to have a virtual tour of the Museum Of Natural History!

Thursday 3.26:

Differentiation and Development

In today's assignment please watch the video on differentiation and development. Then using your brief review book (p. 168-169) please label and define the parts necessary for external land development and placental development.

Wednesday 3.25:



Today's lesson is on human development. Please

1. watch and take notes of today's slide show video on development

2. watch both videos on fertilization and development

3. in the google document please complete the KWL for the videos

Tuesday 3.24:

  • 804. There will NOT be a live lesson tomorrow at 11:30- please let you child know.

Please watch the attached video lesson. Be sure to pause and copy the notes into your notebook. Attached is the activity document for today including the exit slip. Please submit the document by the end of today. If you have any questions please ask them below or email me. I will be checking the comment section throughout the day.

Monday 3.23:

  • 804 – . I will be having a lesson live streaming at 11:30 for students who can attend. If not they should watch the video link attached in google classroom. Please have students open and play the slide show - I am not sure if they will be able to open both because one is saved a ppt show and the other is just a ppt. They should be pausing the slides and copying the notes in the book. Please let me know if they can’t access it. There is an inquiry part to the lesson (which should be done in their notebook) and an exit slip so they will need the form created in google classroom

Grading Policy:

15% - homework

15% - projects

15% - quizzes

20% - classwork and labs

35% - exams

Upcoming Dates


2.24 - Science Fair Lab report due!


Week of March 16:

Using you psis128 account please join this new google classroom page!