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Mrs. Barravecchio

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela


you must sign into google classroom using your DOE email only!

Grading Policy:

Exams and Quizzes - 50%

Homework- 10%

Classwork - 25% (including lab reports)

Class participation - 15%

Assignments / Topics:

remember to always check google classroom for more details!

Week of May 9

science fair boards - due Tuesday 5.17

science fair presentations begin Friday 5.20

Week of May 2

Review packet for Regents prep due on Friday

Review packet of State science - in google classroom

Week of April 25

Lab 3.9 - Meiosis due in Concord on Thursday

Review packet for Regents prep due on Friday

Review classes start on Thursday - must submit PAPER COPY of permission slip in order to attend

Week of April 11

lab 3.8 - Monster Genetics due in class on Thursday 4.13

please check google classroom for the rubric for the science fair.

Week of April 4

Lab 3.7 - due on Friday 4/8

Quiz on Nervous, Endocrine and Immunity - Wednesday 4.6

Science fair draft due on Friday 4.8

Week of Marh 28

science fair draft due on Friday 4/8

review immune, nervous and endocrine - quiz on Wednesday 4.6

Week of March 21

Lab 3.5 - menstrual cycle graphing due on Friday

Week of march 14

Lab 3.4 - Frog simulation due on Friday 3.18 (google slides only)

Exam on Unit 5 - Body Systems on Tuesday 3.15

Week of March 7

Lab 3.3 - respiration lab due on Friday 3.11

Quiz on circulation on Tuesday 3.8

Exam on Unit 5 body systems on Tuesday 3.15

Week of Feb. 28

Lab 3.2 - Lab Rats and diabetes due on Friday 3.4

Quiz on circulation on Tuesday 3.8

Exam on body systems on Tuesday 3.15

Week of Feb. 14

lab 3.1 - respiration due on Friday

Science Fair - group decisions and topics are due on Friday

Week of Feb. 7

Monday - lab 2.5 - kidneys - report due on FridayTuesday - excretionWednesday - excretion part IIFriday - quiz on excretion and digestion

Week of Jan. 31

Monday - Lab 2.4 - nutrients in food - lab report due Friday

Tuesday - Happy Chinese New Year - no school

Wednesday - complete Digestion

Friday - intro to Excretion

quiz next week on Digestion and Excretion (most likely Wednesday 2/9 or Friday2/11)

week of jan. 24

complete the packet for part II of state lab and submit in class on Friday.

lab report for Lab 2.3 is due on Friday, be sure to submit through google classroom.

Week of Jan. 17

we will not be completing part II of the state lab on Tuesday because of Map Growth testing. This will be completed on Monday 1.24. There will be an exam on Unit 4 on Wednesday and a performance task for unit 4 on Friday. Please look over the review work from Friday

Week of Jan. 10

due to quarantining restrictions the lab and quiz were postponed. The lab will be done on Monday. Students will be able to do this lab remotely, I will be posting videos on Monday to assist with their data collection.

The quiz on organelles will be on Tuesday 1.11 and the exam is moved to Wednesday 1.19 and Friday 1.21

Week of jan. 3

Tuesday - state lab -2.3 - Diffusion across a Membrane Part I - be sure to complete the corresponding questions in the packet.

Friday - quiz on cell organelles

Exam on Unit 4 - patterns and organization including cell organelles, transport and cell division will be on Friday 1.14

Week of Dec. 20

lab 2.2 classification is due on Thursday 12.23

please review all notes regarding cell organelles and passage across the membrane. Our next assessment will be mid January.

Week of Dec. 13

no lab this week

Practice Regents questions posted in google classroom

Week of Dec. 6

lab 2.1 - Enzyme activity due on Friday

exam - Biochem I on Tuesday 12.7

Week of Nov. 29

  • no lab this week!

  • Quiz on Monday - macromolecules - again!

  • Enzyme worksheet due on Thursday

  • Exam - Biochem I on Tuesday 12.7

Week of Nov. 22

Lab 1.6 - Cabbage lab report due on Sunday

review notes - quiz on Tuesday

Week of Nov. 15

Lab 1.5 - Plant vs. Animal Cells lab report due on Friday.

Review notes on macromolecules. Quiz on Tuesday 11.23!

Week of Nov. 8

Lab 1.4 - Creating Wet Mounts

Worksheet on biochemistry (wait until the end of the week to complete - the material will be learned in class on Wednesday and Friday) -due Sunday!

Week of Nov. 1

Lab 1.3 - Microscope lab due on Friday

Exam #2 - performance task (part II) has been moved to Wednesday (11.3)

Election Day assignment - activity on stars in preparation for June's state exam

Week of October 25

Lab 1.2 - Making connections part II - scientific experiment write up due on Friday in google classroom

Exam #2 - Unit 2 and Unit 3 - part I on Wednesday and Part II on Friday

Week of October 18

Monday - Lab 1.2 - making connections (complete Part I of packet by Thursday)

Tuesday - Wednesday - study for Friday's quiz

Thursday - no class

Friday - study for exam - Wednesday 10.27 part I and Friday 10.29 part II

Week of October 11

no school on Monday!

Tuesday/ Wednesday - annotate article and complete worksheet in google classroom

Thursday - review notes - quiz on Friday 10/22

Week of October 4

exam on Tuesday 10/5

Week of September 27

Lab 1.1 - Observations and Questions due on Friday (see google classroom)

Tuesday 9/28- Quiz on Scientific Method

Wednesday 9/29 - performance task

Tuesday 10/5 - Exam on Unit 1 - Scientific Inquiry

Week of September 20

Lab Safety report due on Thursday

Unit 1 -Homework #1 - Sci Method worksheet due on Friday

Study for quiz on Monday

Grading Policy:

50% assessment

25% classwork

15% participation

10% homework