7th grade ELA (701 and 704)

Please Note: Some assignments may be posted before they are assigned. Please reference the date to the left of the assignment to indicate when they were assigned.

**Announcement: Students are encouraged to work either independently or with a friend on their assignments; however, points will be deducted for assignments that are identical. Each student should be completing their own work.

Homework Policy: Students have ONE day to make up late homework (unless absent). Homework will not be accepted after that day.

Independent Reading: Students should have an Independent Reading book at ALL TIMES throughout the school year, regardless of whether they have an project due or not. Reading response homework assignments will be assigned periodically throughout the marking period.

Project, Test, and Quiz Dates

(701 &704) Independent Reading Project #2 due January 16, 2020

(704) Academic Vocab Quiz #2 Friday 12/06/19

(701) Academic Vocab Quiz #2 Thursday 12/05/19

(701) Vocabulary Quiz on Academic Vocabulary Monday 11/25/19

(704) Vocabulary Quiz on Academic Vocabulary Friday 11/22/19

(704) Published Mid-Unit Essay will be due 11/19/19

(701) Published Mid-Unit Essay will be due 11/18/19

(701 & 704): Summarizing and Inferencing Quiz 10/29/19

  • SWBST strategy
  • Inferencing (Prior Knowledge + What the text says = Inference)

(701 & 704): Vocabulary Quiz on CMM words 10/02/19

(701 &704): Independent Reading Project due 10/17/19

  • IRP draft due 10/03/19

Homework Assignments

(701 &704)

Reading Response Question #20

701: Due 12/03/19

704: Due 12/04/19


Get Mid-Unit essays signed over the weekend Due 12/01/19



(701 & 704)

11/19/19- Identify one antonym and one synonym for each of our ACADEMIC VOCAB words. Due 11/20/19

(701 & 704)

11/14/19- Extra credit is due 11/20/19. Please click on "Extra credit" tab at the bottom of the page for access to the assignment.


11/14/19- Vocabulary homework: Write two meaningful sentences for each of the five vocabulary words. Due 11/15/19


11/13/19-Vocabulary homework: Write two meaningful sentences for each of the five vocabulary words. Due 11/14/19

(701 &704)

Get inferencing and Summarizing quiz signed by a parent. This will count as a HW grade.


11/12/19- Published Mid-Unit Essay will be due 11/15/19



1. Get grades IRP's signed by a parent

2. Revision for IRP is due NO LATER THAN 11/15/19 (earn up to 8 points)


10/30/19- Complete Setting Evidence worksheet

Due 10/31/19

(701 &704)



(701 &704)

10/24/19- Reading Response

701: Due 10/28/19

704: Due 10/25/19

(701 &704)

10/16/19- Complete Tone/Mood Worksheet. (Worksheet is available under handouts) Due 10/21 (Monday)


10/15/19- Complete "Inferencing" worksheet Due 10/16/19

10/15/19- Get Vocabulary quiz signed


10/11/19- Complete "Inferencing" worksheet Due 10/15/19 (Worksheet is available under "handouts" if lost)

10/11/19- Get Goal Sheets, PR project, and Vocab Quiz signed

(701 & 704)

10/08/19 Get Goal Sheets signed Due 10/10/19

(701 & 704)

Computer carts will be reserved for 10/03 and 10/10 for IRP work. Please bring a flash drive or have access to an email username and password to save any work that is done in class.


09/24/19- Annotate and Summaries "The Four Dragons" short story. Due 09/26/19

(701 & 704)

09/24/19- Begin drafting your IRP. On October 3rd, you will be expected to have at least the following completed:

1. Your book review

2. At least ONE chosen component completed.

Please make sure you have your IRB, Task sheet and rubric, and IRP draft with you on October 3rd. (THE DRAFT DOES NOT NEED TO BE TYPED)


09/24/19- Annotate and Summaries "The Four Dragons" short story. Due 09/25/19

(701 &704)

09/23/19- Write TWO meaningful sentences (with a context clue) for EACH vocabulary word. HW must be handed in with vocab. worksheet.

701: Due 09/24/19

704: Due 09/25/19

(701 &704)

09/19/19- Respond to ANY ONE reading response question (Basing it on your Independent Reading book). Due 09/19/19

(701 &704)

09/05/19- (All three count as separate HW grades)

1. Get Welcome Letters Signed DUE NO LATER THAN 09/12/19

2. Begin looking for your first Independent Reading book (Non-Fiction OR Fiction-- graphic novels and comic books are not allowed) If you need assistance finding a book, please ask me. Due 09/13/19

3. Bring in one subject writing journal (notebook) and Essay folder Due 09/13/19