8th Grade

Classwork for tuesday, 6/02/2020

Google Classroom Class Code wxysece

Good Morning Parents and Students!

Please see today's assignment below:

The final piece of the IRP is the back cover of the magazine. This should include:

* a RACECE paragraph that describes the conflict of your book. Please remember to include two pieces of evidence: one for what the conflict is, and one for how it's solved.

*Start and end this paragraph with a hook that will make readers want to buy your magazine!


*A Barcode and price of the magazine.

We are availabe throughout the day for extra help.

Have a great day!

All Classes - Journal, 3 Days a Week

  • Due each Friday by 3 pm.

Students are assigned write one page about their thoughts, feelings, and how they are spending their time, three days a week. This will be for a project grade, and due on May 8th. You may write it electronically, on a Word Doc, in an actual journal, a composition book, or even on looseleaf.

Some guiding questions, for when you don't know what to write:

    • What did you do today? Who did you speak with?
    • What is one big question you have about what's going on in the world?
    • What would you do today if you weren't practicing social distancing?
    • What, if anything, do you miss about school?
    • What would you tell our leaders if they came to you for advice right now?
    • What is one fear you might have?
    • What are you grateful for today?
    • What is something nice you did for yourself or someone else today?
    • How do current events relate to our unit (Surviving in the Wild)?

Students, these are uncertain and difficult times, and also an important moment in history. This is your chance to document it, and also to process some of the big feelings you are having. Remember, your parents and teachers are here for you!

Google Classroom

ELA will now be using Google classroom for classwork, homework, and quizzes in ELA.

There will be work assigned daily, so please have students log into the account every day (8am-2:30). Each assignment posted will have documents attached, a description of the assignment, and a due date. Students will submit their work through Google Classroom via google docs.

Please enter the class code to join 801 ELA: wxysece

Students must use their psis128 gmail accounts in order to get access to the material being posted. The first assignment will be for March 23rd.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding remote learning.

I will also send this message in an email to all parents momentarily.