8th Grade

Summer Packet for Incoming 8th Graders

Google Classroom Class Code wxysece

Hi Everyone! Please see the links Extra Credit Summer Homework Packet , and the accompanying graphic organizer attached:

Start of the year with some extra credit! Please save your completed work on your computer or in Google Docs. We will collect it in September. Have a great day!

Google Classroom

ELA will now be using Google classroom for classwork, homework, and quizzes in ELA.

There will be work assigned daily, so please have students log into the account every day (8am-2:30). Each assignment posted will have documents attached, a description of the assignment, and a due date. Students will submit their work through Google Classroom via google docs.

Please enter the class code to join 801 ELA:

Students must use their psis128 gmail accounts in order to get access to the material being posted.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding remote learning.