3rd Grade

Class 3-1

Ms. Tamer


Class 3-2

Mrs. Schmidt


Class 3-3

Mrs. Olsen


Mrs. Saladino


Class 3-1 Classroom Codes


Class 3-2 Google Classroom Codes: wr6jfgm

Art: ytak2gf

Physical Education: fvuou2i

Music: 5a6fytf

Technology: suk5rm4

Class 3-3 Google Classroom Codes


Google classroom Agendas

Class 3-1 Schedule

Day1- Google Meet Times:8:40am- math10:14am- SS11:01am- art with Ms. Dawdy11:48am- science12:35am- ELA
Day 2- Google Meet Times:8:40am- ELA10:14am- gym with Mrs. Castro11:01am- science11:48am- SS12:35pm- math
Day 3 -Google Meet Times8:40am- math10:14am- science11:01am- science with Mrs. Twomey11:48am- SS12:35pm- ELA
Day 4- Google Meet Times8:40am- SS9:27am- math11:01am- gym with Mrs. Castro11:48am- ELA12:35pm- music with Ms. Olson
Day 5- Google Meet Times8:40am- ELA10:14am- SS11:01am- tech with Mr. Chim11:48am- math1:22pm- science
Class 3-2 Schedule
Day 1 - Google Meet Times:8:40 AM - ELA10:14 AM - Gym with Mrs. Castro11:01 AM - Social Studies11:48 AM - Science12:35 PM - Math
Day 2 - Google Meet Times:8:40 AM - Science9:27 AM - Math11:01 - Technology with Mr. Chim11:48 AM - Social Studies12:35 PM - ELA
Day 3 - Google Meet Times:8:40 AM - Math10:14 AM - Gym with Mrs. Castro11:01 AM - Social Studies11:48 AM - Science12:35 PM - ELA
Day 4 - Google Meet Times:8:40 AM - Social Studies9:27 AM - Art with Mrs. Dawdy10:14 AM - ELA11:48 AM - Math1:22 PM - Music with Mrs. Olson
Day 5 - Google Meet Times:8:40 AM - Math10:14 AM - Social Studies11:01 AM - ELA12:35 PM - Science with Mrs, Twomey1:22 PM - Science

Meeting List


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The DOE also has activities for children to supplement learning. You can find this at:


Below are links,which can be accessed at:

Brainpop: https://www.brainpop.com/

Brainpop: https://jr.brainpop.com/

Highlights Kids: https://www.highlightskids.com/

Flocabulary: https://www.flocabulary.com/

Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy

Classics for Kids: https://www.classicsforkids.com/

Art for Kids Hub: https://www.youtube.com/user/ArtforKidsHub/videos?app=desktop

Go Noodle: https://www.gonoodle.com/

Cosmic Kid Yoga: https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga