2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Class 2-1 Miss Farley and Miss Kofler

Class 2-2 Mrs. Karl

Class 2-3 Mrs. Kurtin

Our Daily Schedule
Notepad with pencil

Class 2-1 (JFarley2@schools.nyc.gov)


Class 2-2 (PKarl2@schools.nyc.gov)

Class 2-3 (LKurtin@schools.nyc.gov)

2nd Grade Grading Policy:

60% assessments

25% classwork

5% homework

10% participation

Field Trips:

Friday December 13th - Nutcracker Ballet (LaGuardia Preforming Arts Center)

Important Dates:

December 10th- Parent Teacher Conferences

(11:30 am dismissal for students)

December 16th- PTA Holiday Show (wear holiday colored shirts)

December 18- @ 8:45 am Winter Music Concert (Main Building Auditorium)

December 20th- Pajama Day

Current Units of Study

ELA- Informational Texts

Math- Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers

Social Studies- Urban, Suburban, Rural communities

Science- Natural Resources


Science Book (Username nyork21, password science) Student Textbook

Social Studies Book (username: NYCgrade2 password: NYC) SS Textbook