1st Grade

Dear First Grade Parents,

We hope everyone is well and we miss all of our students! The school building is currently closed, but school is still in session. Starting Monday, March 23rd, 2020, you will have access to our Google Classrooms. Each day an assignment will be given in several subjects for your child to complete. We will provide a recommended schedule each day for your child. We will be available online throughout those times for assistance and any questions you may have. We will also be available throughout the day via email. Please feel free to email us at any time.

This is a new process for us, for the students, and for you. We will continue to support our students and you in any way we can during this time as if we were still in the classrooms. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Stay safe,

Your First Grade Teachers

Class schedule

Weekly Schedule

We are recommending that our students follow some type of schedule throughout the day. You do not have to follow this exactly, but can be used as a weekly guide.

Class 1-1

Mrs. Koenig


Google Classroom Codes:

Class 1-1: mxkl2x4

Library with Ms. Panico: lvykuur

Art with Ms. Dawdy: ldvnhxv

Science with Mrs. Twomey: m43d6ri

Gym with Ms. Khouri: 7hd2dzf

Class 1-2

Mrs. Sansivieri


Ms. Falcone


Google Classroom Codes:

Class 1-2: 3qgvycy

Library with Ms. Panico: qdki37k

Art with Ms. Dawdy: hbc7eqe

Science with Mrs. Twomey: dnfbump

Gym with Ms. Khouri: 4v3zzwv

Class 1-3

Mrs. Navarra


Google Classroom Codes:

Class 1-3: y3vkqt5

Library with Ms. Panico: lr62bxib

Art with Ms. Dawdy: wum5rhs

Science with Mrs. Twomey: x6eblwv

Gym with Ms. Khouri: 7ehkbiz

Google Classroom Codes: Will be distributed by your child's classroom teacher over the weekend

Student gmail accounts: Will be distributed by your child's classroom teacher over the weekend

EnVisions Student Log Ins: Will be distributed over the weekend by your child's classroom teacher

My Lexia: Students should have their logins. If needed, ask your child's teacher

NYC EasyBridge Login
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For fun math games follow this link:

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For fun ELA practice and games, log on to:

My Lexia

For Math Homework help, download the app:

Pearson Bounce Pages

Pearson Bounce Page Logo
Lexia Core 5 Login Page

Scan the page your child is working on and use the videos to help your child complete their homework!

If you need your child's login information, please contact your child's teacher via the email above.