Important Dates

November 3rd: Election Day - Remote instruction for all students

November 11th: Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL

November 26th and 27th: Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL

Class 1-1

Mrs. Navarra and Mrs. Lindenmeier

Class 1-2

Mrs. Koenig

1st Grade Fully Remote

Ms. Sansivieri

Fully Remote Google Classroom Code:


1st Grade Blended Remote

Ms. LaFauce

Blended Remote Google Classroom Code:


Google Classroom codes: Google Classroom codes are posted above. If you need help joining Google Classroom, please e-mail your child's teacher.

Student e-mail accounts: Students will access Google Classroom using their e-mail address. If you need help setting up your new e-mail account, please e-mail your child's teacher.

EnVisions Student Log Ins: Login information coming soon!

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