Technology 3rd - 5th Grades

Grade 3

Projects 3


Students will be working on to learn proper typing skills. After each lesson students must update their results onto their google docs found in Google Classroom.

Google Class Code

3-1 le3jmw2

3-2 b4wf7gy

3-3 wyiimvs

3-4 p5gbawo

Grade 4

Project 3

Jeopardy Google Slides

Students will be creating their own Jeopardy game on Google Slides. Students will start off by filling out the Google doc found in their class. After that's complete students will need to work on create a Google slide with all their questions and answers.

Google Class Code

4-1 5gzt5lv

4-2 7bi56nm

4-3 qpgnchm

4-5 6yhjpg2

Grade 5

Project 3 (Google Sheet)

Creating a company

After the teacher has created an example for the students to follow and reproduce the same example.

Students will first create a spreadsheet dealing with different weather conditions around the world. After create the initial Spreadsheet, the student will create a second worksheet inside the workbook. The second worksheet will be a made up store with merchandise to sell. In the spreadsheet the students will input data provided. (See handout for spreadsheet information)

Google Class Code

5-1 o5a6esi

5-2 sw3dqsu

5-3 7jbttbe

5-4 eiry73b