Technology 7th Grade

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Welcome to 7th Grade Technology

Project 2

(Technology Product Plan)

Students Will be working in a group of 4 to create a product plan. Group roles would be (CEO, Developer, Programmer, Advertiser) The students will be required to present the product as a group. Students need to be able to convince their classmates to purchase their products.

Students should use at least 2 slides for each of the roles listed below. More is allowed if you have more information.


(Oversees entire project. Has the power to veto ideas, Manages time, types everything)

What are the choices you made?

Write down a summary of every decision you've made throughout the project. (Can be more than one slide)

This should be done once per class (Label the dates)

All questions must be presented in your slides

What ideas did you turn down?

Did everyone stay on task?

Write down what this product does.

How does this product make life easier?

What's your age group?


Needs 2 of the following

(Creates AD material to attract buyers)

Develop a skit (Create a scene about how this help people) Can be recorded and uploaded to google drive

Develop a comic (Design a comic on how this device works)

Develop a brochure (Showcase everything about your design)

Develop a poster (Have all the information about your product on one page!)

What is your pitch? (How are you going to get people to buy this?)


(Creates the visual of your product)

How does it look? (What shape are each section)

Creates dimension and measurements

What are the different views? (Front, Left Side, Right Side, Back, Top and bottom)

What are the buttons, how do they look?

Colors? Texture based on the product materials


(Creates and designs the GUI Graphic User Interface)

How does the main screen look?

What are my buttons?

What do the buttons do?

What are the colors for my designs?

Needs at least 4 different layouts

Files for project found below