Technology 6th Grade

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Welcome to 6th Grade Technology

Project #3: Creating Charts using Google Slides and Google Sheets

Students will need to create a Google Slide project which will require them to create various charts (Line, Column, Pie Charts). All slides need to have a Heading, Axis titles, different colors from the default chart colors. All data need to be in numerical order and formatted with various font colors. Various data needs to be reached and surveyed to accumulate data.

Required Slides for Project

Slide 1: Charts (Title)

Slide 2: Weather for 4 different locations (Line)

Slide 3: Stock prices for the year 2018 *4 Companies* (Line)

Slide 4: Phone Sales Table (Column)

Slide 5: Top YouTube Subscriber List (Column)

Slide 6: Create table based on Science table (Bar Graph)

Slide 7: Create a survey question to ask your class (Bar Graph)

Slide 8: Create a survey question to ask your class (Pie Chart)

Make sure the following items have been customized and changed.

  • Heading
  • Axis Title
  • Different colors for data (Bar, Line, Pie, Column)
  • Make sure all data range is correctly set to show all data on Google Sheet
  • Add Background color to the charts
  • Make sure to have all data on the chart.

Phone Sales Data Table (Slide 4)

Phone Sales Table
YouTube View List

YouTube Viewer List (Slide 5)

Plant Grow Data Table

Plant Growth Data (Slide 6)

Form 3 (End of Project Task)

Project Files