Technology 6th Grade

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Logging into student Google Accounts (Ex:

Password should be created on your own.

Welcome to 6th Grade Technology

Project #2: Creating tables and sorting computer files


Using Google doc to create your new project. The table will be used to help sort and organize various computer file types. The second part of the task is to identify various computer files, and sort them into the correct categories. The project should not have any spelling errors and should have all files listed in their tables. All sections of the table should be designed with colors and line designs. All projects will be collected in google classroom.

Table 1

Sort the different types of files given to you in class.

Create a table to organize the information provided in the MS Word

Categorize the files on the Smart board into the correct sections.

Write the name of each file into its section.

Write the memory size of each file next to its name.

Identify all the programs that open each file

Table 2

Organize and sort thought the files given as an example

The image given have different types of files, and student will need to sort through the information and place them into the correct location.

Types of Memory
table layout.docx

Form 2 (End of Project Task)

Link to Project #2 Form

List of computer files

Image used for Table #2

Use the following image to arrange and sort into it's file type.

Project Files