This is physical education.  We're kind of a big deal

Grades K-2, 4, 7: Ms. Khouri : KKhouri@schools.nyc.gov

Grades 3-5: Mrs. Castro: FCastro6@schools.nyc.gov

Grades 6-8, 3: Mr. Whitney: BWhitne2@schools.nyc.gov

Important Notes for 2021-2022

  • We will be outdoors whenever possible.

  • Wear weather-friendly athletic clothing on your PE days. T-shirts/sweatshirts; leggings/running pants/sweatpants.

  • SNEAKERS only; NO boots/Uggs; sandals/Crocs; platform casual shoes/wedge/high heeled casual sneakers; wheelies

  • Be sure to bring an extra mask on PE days and wear a SMILE underneath. Mask breaks will be given ;)

  • Bring a bottle of water with your name on it. (No glass bottles)

Ms. Khouri, Mrs. Castro, & Mr. Whitney