Ms. Carlo Art

Hi, my name is Miss Carlo and I am an art teacher here at PS/IS 128. I teach Kindergarten, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, the 6-4 Grade class and 7th grade. Feel free to e-mail me regarding any questions, comments, or concerns.



Unit 1: Lines/shapes and Colors

  • Project 1: Kandinsky Lines
  • Project 2: Yayoi Kusama Fall Landscape
  • Project 3: Piet Mondrian Straight Lines and Primary Colors
  • Project 4; Mary Cassatt Flower Garden (Primary and Secondary colors)
  • Project 5: Jim Dine Hearts (Primary and Secondary colors)

4th Grade:

Unit 1: Line/Form- Multiculturalism

  • Project 1: Model Magic Alebrijes
  • Project 2: Romero Britto Animal Portraits

5th Grade:

Unit 1: Line/Painting- Modern Masters

  • Project 1: James Rizzi Self Portraits
  • Project 2: Ted Harrison Colorblock Landscape

6-4: You will find the PowerPoint presentations and any other materials needed to study for future quizzes. Quiz dates and other important events and reminders will also be posted here.

Unit 1: Color Theory: Project 1: Color Wheel

Please Study your notes, PowerPoint and review sheet are located below

Quiz: Friday 11/1