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 Marking Period #1 extra credit opportunities- DUE NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH
Extra credit opportunities are optional and will not hurt anyone's grade if not completed.

#1- Complete the parts of speech worksheet. (This is worth up to 8 points. The earned points will be distributed amongst classwork and homework grades that scored below a 100) Worksheet is attached below.

#2- Find an article or short story online that relates to Call Me Maria.
- Write one RACECE paragraph explaining how the article or story relates to Call Me Maria.
- Identify 5 words you do not know in the article or story. Define them, identify part of speech and write ONE meaningful sentence per word. (This assignment is worth up to 8 points on classwork or homework grade)
***Article must be attached to extra credit assignment***

Marking Period #2 extra credit opportunities

#1- TEST CORRECTIONS ON UNIT EXAM (Not mandatory, but highly recommended for ALL students to complete).
**Short response questions (#7 and #8 cannot be corrected. No additional points will be added).**
For each incorrect multiple choice question, students need to identify the following:
1. Skill being addressed
2. The correct answer
4. Evidence to support their answer. (If applicable)
5. Explanation of why the answer is correct. (Questions that cannot be supported with evidence
STUDENTS CAN EARN UP TO 3  POINTS PER QUESTION (Questions were worth 7 points)
Due Monday 01/14/19. Test corrections will not be accepted after this due date. Test needs to be handed in (signed by a parent) with corrections. Corrections will not be accepted without the signed test.

#2- Using RACECE respond to the following question: Choose two texts you have read. (One must be read in class and another should be from an IRB). What are the themes of the texts and how are they similar or different? This is due no later than February 18th, 2019 (This is worth up to 8th points on your classwork and homework grade)

Marking Period #3 extra credit opportunities

CURRENT EVENTS: Find an article in the newspaper about something going on in our world today (paper or online). 
1. Annotate the article (Taking notes in the margins)
2. Summarize the article using the non-fiction summary format
3. Explain in 5 sentences WHY the information being reported is important
4. Identify 4 unfamiliar words in the article. Identify the part of speech and definition. 
This assignment is due no later than 05/20/19

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