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701 ELA

Projects and Quizzes 

IRP #3 Due 05/13/19

Vocabulary Quiz ("What Could be Better Than a Touchdown?" and "Confessions of a Doper") 04/12/19 

Argumentative Essay due 04/01/19
  • Must be typed (12 pt font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1 inch margins)
  • Proper Heading must be used: Upper left hand corner
First and Last name
Ms. Kataev
ELA Argumentative Essay
Date Due
  • Essay must be handed in with the following: Pre-writing sheet, drafts, and rubric

Non-Fiction summarizing Quiz 03/20/19

The Giver Essay Due Friday 02/08/19 Since most of this essay is going to be done on your own, please feel free to email me drafts throughout the week (including weekends). I will try my best to provide as much feedback as possible. Lunch help is available every day except for Thursday's. Please ask to come up if you need help with the essay

Independent Reading Project (MP2) Due Friday 01/11/19 (Task sheet and rubric under "handouts") Paragraph examples are available in the IRP tab labeled "IRP MP2" at the bottom of the page

End of Unit Exam 12/19/18 use review sheet to study

Published Theme Essay Due Friday 12/14/18

Vocabulary quiz on Call Me Maria and "The Road Not Taken" December 14th (Friday)

Published Setting Essay Due Wednesday, November 14th (Note: Essays will not be accepted without the following attached:
1. Essay Draft(s)
2. Rubric
3. Peer Review sheet
(Since essays need to be typed, I have handed out a copy of a "How-to for typing" worksheet-- this worksheet is also available under "handouts")

Summarizing and Inferencing Quiz Nov 2nd

Independent reading project MP1 due October 15. Get 5 points extra if handed in before or on October 9th


04/15/19- Complete Socratic seminar planning sheet for Socratic Seminar on Wednesday 

04/05/19- Write a Non-Fiction summary for the documentary Kicking It Due 04/08/19

03/28/19- Read "Should Kids Play Football?" by Jennifer Shotz. Write a Non-fiction summary of the text. Due 03/29/19

03/27/19- Get Nonfiction Summarizing Quizzes signed

03/27/19- Write 1-2 paragraphs using all of our new vocab words Due 03/38/19

03/11/19- Complete Pre-Writing organizer if you haven't already done so. Due 03/13/19

  • Get goal sheets signed
  • Get Giver essays signed
03/01/19- Read the first story in the state test prep packet. Answer all questions that apply to the story. Due 03/04/19

FEBRUARY BREAK ASSIGNMENT: Complete questions 1-14 in test prep packet. Due 02/25/19 (Homework passes cannot be used in replacement for incomplete homework)

Last day to hand in extra credit it 02/25/19


02/01/19- #1 Complete central idea and topic worksheet 
#2 Complete central idea and topic worksheet for "Do Sports Fans Go Too Far?" Due 02/04/19 (Both)

01/28/19- Work on your Giver Essays! Please ask to come up during lunch if you have any questions or need help. The essay is due 02/08/19

01/24/19- Bring in completed pre-writing graphic organizer. Please have AT LEAST your introduction paragraph drafted. We will be working on the essay for a double period. If you can get more of your essay done, that is more feedback I can provide. Due Monday 01/28/19

01/14/19- Read chapters 18-21 in The Giver Due 01/16/19. On a post-it,  make three connections (Self, world, or text). Use post-its to mark changes in characters or any new characters

01/11/19- (Tests will be given back on Friday) TEST CORRECTIONS ON UNIT EXAM (Not mandatory, but highly recommended for ALL students to complete).
**Short response questions (#7 and #8 cannot be corrected. No additional points will be added).**
For each incorrect multiple choice question, students need to identify the following:
1. Skill being addressed
2. The correct answer
4. Evidence to support their answer. (If applicable)
5. Explanation of why the answer is correct. (Questions that cannot be supported with evidence
STUDENTS CAN EARN UP TO 3  POINTS PER QUESTION (Questions were worth 7 points)
Due Monday 01/14/19. Test corrections will not be accepted after this due date. Test needs to be handed in (signed by a parent) with corrections. Corrections will not be accepted without the signed test.

01/09/19- Complete double journal entry Due Thursday 01/10/19

01/07/19- Due Wednesday 01/09/19
1. Read chapters 9 and 10. There will be a 4-5 question D.I.R.T (Did I Read This) quiz at the beginning of the period. If you read, you will be able to answer the questions with no problem.

2. Complete Setting worksheet
(HINTS: Question 1, focus on the conflict that Jonas encounters during ceremony of 12's. Question #2, What happens with Jonas and the apple? Question #3, in Ch. 7 how are three's disciplined? Question #4, how does his selection affect him?) 

01/02/19- Read chapters 5 and 6 in The Giver. On a posit-it, write down three questions you have AND 2 things you can relate to in the text OR 2 things that were clarified in the chapters.

Winter Break: Work on your Independent Reading Project! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/20/18- Complete STEAL worksheet due 12/21/18

FRIDAY 12/21/18 We are having a small Christmas party in class during our work period. Students are encouraged to bring snacks for the class. Please make sure these snacks are nut free as we have students with allergies in the class. Thank you!

12/13/18- Read chapter 4 of The Giver. On a post-it, write down. 3 text-to-self connections and 2-3 questions you have. Due 12/14/18

12/07/18- Publish Theme Essay. Essay is Due 12/14/18

11/30/18- Find new IRB for soon to come IRP

11/30/18- Answer 4 Reading response questions Due 12/03/18

11/27/18- BRING IN FOLDER FOR ESSAY due 11/28/18

11/09/18- Get Quizzes signed due Tuesday 11/13/18

10/31/18- Get IRP's signed. due 11/02/18

10/29/18- Complete 2nd body paragraph for Setting Essay Due 10/31/18

10/25/18- Complete Introductions to Setting Essay Due 10/29/18

10/15/18- complete Tone and Mood worksheet. (Word doc available in handouts) Due Friday 10/19/18

09/23/18- Answer short response question: how might the perspectives of Mami and the Women of the Barrio change over the course of the text? Due 09/27/18

/09/20/18- Vocabulary homework on class worksheet. Handout must be handed in with completed homework on the back. Due 09/21/18

09/18/18- Complete Grows and Glows Worksheet Due 09/21/18

09/05/18- Get Welcome letter signed. Due 09/12/18 (Counts as first classwork grade for the marking period)