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701 ELA

Projects and Quizzes 

Independent Reading Project (MP2) Due Friday 01/11/19 (Task sheet and rubric under "handouts") Paragraph examples are available in the IRP tab labeled "IRP MP2" at the bottom of the page

End of Unit Exam 12/19/18 use review sheet to study

Published Theme Essay Due Friday 12/14/18

Vocabulary quiz on Call Me Maria and "The Road Not Taken" December 14th (Friday)

Published Setting Essay Due Wednesday, November 14th (Note: Essays will not be accepted without the following attached:
1. Essay Draft(s)
2. Rubric
3. Peer Review sheet
(Since essays need to be typed, I have handed out a copy of a "How-to for typing" worksheet-- this worksheet is also available under "handouts")

Summarizing and Inferencing Quiz Nov 2nd

Independent reading project MP1 due October 15. Get 5 points extra if handed in before or on October 9th


12/13/18- Read chapter 4 of The Giver. On a post-it, write down. 3 text-to-self connections and 2-3 questions you have. Due 12/14/18

12/07/18- Publish Theme Essay. Essay is Due 12/14/18

11/30/18- Find new IRB for soon to come IRP

11/30/18- Answer 4 Reading response questions Due 12/03/18

11/27/18- BRING IN FOLDER FOR ESSAY due 11/28/18

11/09/18- Get Quizzes signed due Tuesday 11/13/18

10/31/18- Get IRP's signed. due 11/02/18

10/29/18- Complete 2nd body paragraph for Setting Essay Due 10/31/18

10/25/18- Complete Introductions to Setting Essay Due 10/29/18

10/15/18- complete Tone and Mood worksheet. (Word doc available in handouts) Due Friday 10/19/18

09/23/18- Answer short response question: how might the perspectives of Mami and the Women of the Barrio change over the course of the text? Due 09/27/18

/09/20/18- Vocabulary homework on class worksheet. Handout must be handed in with completed homework on the back. Due 09/21/18

09/18/18- Complete Grows and Glows Worksheet Due 09/21/18

09/05/18- Get Welcome letter signed. Due 09/12/18 (Counts as first classwork grade for the marking period)