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IRP MP2 example

 Square 1:

In “Tuesday of the Other June” by Norma Fox Mazer June wants to please her mom and live a happy life. June and her mom don’t have a lot of money and her mom works hard, so June doesn’t want to upset her. However, June goes to a swimming class and gets bullied by a girl, the Other June. June tries ignoring the problem because her mom tells her to stay out of trouble. Ignoring the problem doesn’t work, especially when June moves and ends up in the same class as her bully. Finally, June gets enough courage to stand up to her bully. The Other June is shocked and June knows she won’t be bullied anymore. 

Square 2:

June is courageous because she stands up to her bully. June was being bullied by the Other June throughout the story. June tried avoiding the Other June and ignoring the bully, but it didn’t work. Finally, she stood up for herself. The text states, “’No,’ I whispered, ‘no.’ The word took wings and flew me to my feet, in front of the Other June.” It was courageous for June to stand up to her bully because she had no way of knowing how the Other June would react. The text also states, “The Other June’s eyes opened, popped wide like the eyes of somebody in a cartoon.” The Other June’s reaction shows that June’s courage allowed her to be successful in stopping the bullying. 



Square 3:

The Other June is malicious because she torments June constantly. The Other June says mean things and pokes and hits June. For example, “The Other June grabbed my fingers and twisted.” The Other June constantly displays mean spirited behavior, knowing that it upsets June. For instance, “I didn’t know what to do about her. She was training me like a dog.” The Other June makes June feel helpless and depressed, and she doesn’t show any remorse. 




Square 4:

The setting of “Tuesday of the Other June” affects the plot because if June had never moved to a new school, she wouldn’t have continued to be bullied. When June ended swimming class, she didn’t think she would have to see the Other June again. For instance, “’Goodbye,’ I yelled, “good riddance to bad trash!” Before she could pinch me again, I ran past her and then ran all the way home…” Then, when June moves and ends up in a new school, she realizes that the bullying will continue because she ends up in the same class as the Other June. For example, “In that room full of strange kids, there was one person I knew. She smiled her square smile, raised her hand, and said, ‘She can sit next to me, Mr. Morrisey.”’ When June sees the Other June in her new class, she realizes that the bullying will continue. 



Square 6: 

The theme of “Tuesday of the Other June” is “the best advice is your own advice.” When June is being bullied by the Other June, she wants to stand up for herself, but doesn’t at first because she decides to listen to her mom. For example, “When I finally feel asleep, I dreamed of kicking her, punching, biting, pinching… And then I remembered all the things my mother had taught me and told me.” When June realizes that ignoring the situation doesn’t work, she finally takes her own advice and stands up for herself. The text states, “I tried it again. My finger against her chest. Then the words. ‘No-more.’ And she stepped back another step.” When follows her own advice and stands up for herself, she is able to solve her problem.