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Marking Period #1 extra credit opportunities

There is no extra credit for this marking period.

Marking Period #2 extra credit opportunities:

#1- Hand in "Survival" Essay before or on 02/06/19 +5 points on essay

#2- Using RACECE, how does your last independent reading book relate to your present independent reading book? 
Relate: How are they the same?
Your FIRST piece of evidence should be from your last independent reading book.
Your SECOND piece of evidence should be from your present independent reading book.
This is due NO LATER THAN 02/25/19 This is worth up to 7 points on your classwork and homework grade.

Marking Period #3 extra credit opportunities

#1- Hand in Trading card early for Extra 5 points on project

#2- CURRENT EVENTS: Find an article in the newspaper about something going on in our world today (paper or online). 
1. Annotate the article (Taking notes in the margins)
2. Summarize the article using the non-fiction summary format
3. Explain in 4 sentences WHY the information being reported is important
4. Identify 3 unfamiliar words in the article. Identify the part of speech and definition. 
This assignment is due no later than 05/20/19