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601 ELA

Please Note: Some assignments may be posted before they are assigned. Please reference the date to the left of the assignment to indicate when it was assigned. 

**Announcement: Students are encouraged to work either independently or with a friend on their assignments; however, points will be deducted for assignments that are identical. Each student should be completing their own work. 

Homework Policy: Students have ONE day to make up late homework (unless absent). Homework will not be accepted after that day. 
Project, Test, and Quiz Due Dates

Sensory Language Project Due 10/11/19 (5 points are deducted every day it is late). Project must be handed in with work completed in class-- This project was completed primarily in class. Students are expected to publish their work over the week.

Vocabulary Quiz (12 words from "Tuesday of the Other June") Friday 09/27/19. This quiz will also have comprehension questions for "Tuesday of the Other June". Please review Summarizing, Conflict, and Plot

Character Awards Independent Reading Project Due 10/17/19
  • Draft of IRP Due 10/03/19 (Please wait for specific draft guidelines)
Homework Assignments

10/11/19- Complete Narrative POV worksheet. Due 10/15/19 (Worksheet is available under "handouts" if lost)

1. Get TOJ Vocab quiz signed due 10/10/19
2, Get goal sheets signed due 10/10/19

09/24/19- Begin drafting your IRP. On October 3rd, you will be expected to have completed AT LEAST TWO character awards. 
October 3rd: Please bring in the following:
1. Your Independent reading book
2. A draft of your project (This will count as a homework grade)
3. The task sheet and Rubric for IRP

09/23/19- Identify all elements of plot for the text "The Wallet". The text must be annotated (highlighting is not annotating) Due 09/24/19

09/16/19- Write a fiction summary of  "The Lost Dog". The text must be annotated. Due 09/17/19

09/13/19- Write one antonym and one synonym for EACH of our new vocabulary words. (Please reference worksheet from class). The worksheet from class must be handed in with the homework. Due Monday 09/16/19

09/05/19-  (All three count as separate HW grades)
1. Get Welcome Letters Signed DUE NO LATER THAN 09/12/19
2. Begin looking for your first Independent Reading book (Fiction-- graphic novels and comic books are not allowed) If you need assistance finding a book, please ask me. Due 09/13/19
3. Bring in one subject writing journal (notebook) and Essay folder Due 09/13/19