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Ms. Torre K-1

Class K-1


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Kindergarten Class K-1 is off to a fantastic start!  During these early weeks, students will begin to explore elements of fiction and nonfiction text, counting through five, proper letter formation and sounds for many letters, the meaning of rules and responsibilities in the school setting and several science concepts in the world around them.  As the year progresses, students will be exposed to a wealth of information to gain the knowledge they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. 

I am looking forward to watching the growth and accomplishment the students will experience throughout their first year at PSIS 128!

You may reach me at mtorre2@schools.nyc.gov

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Class List

Sariyah Babayev

Zoe Brutkiewicz

Mia Carstons

Michael Clementi

Cathrinelle D’Ambra

Nicholas Frydman

Elia Giugliano

Sophie Hickey

Isabella Inzerilla

Jayden Koptson

Nicollas Kowalczyk

Emily Labita

John Lang

Julie Montagner

Riley O’Callaghan

Victoria Palese

Bennett Pervizaj

Julian Preda

Gabriela Skyba

Maya Szajbner

Aga Szczyrbowska

Luka Tonea Kuciarski

Sophia Torre

Jayden Williams

Dates to know:

October 2 - individual portraits

October 15 - class pictures

October 24 - class trip to the farm

November 15 - class trip to APEC