8th Grade Science

Welcome to 8th grade science!

Upcoming Dates -  
Tuesday & Wednesday  11.20/21 - exam on Cells
Friday 11. 2 - quiz on cell organelles
Monday 10.29 - project Cell Theory due 
Wednesday 9/26 - Quiz on Scientific Method
Thursday 10.4 - in class project on data collection due
Wednesday 10.10  - exam on scientific method, lab measurements and safety

Grading Policy:
15% Quizzes
35% Exams
15% Projects
15% Homework
20% Labs and Classwork

Week of November 12
Tuesday - Wednesday- p. 128 vocab due on Thursday
Thursday - compare in a Venn diagram a plant cell to animal cell
Friday - review notes on cells - exam on Tuesday 11.20

Week of October 29
Monday - study for Friday's quiz;   p. 65 discussion question and #1-3 question and answer on loose leaf due on Wednesday
Wednesday - p. create three questions to test one's understanding of cell organelles.  include the answers.
Thursday - review for Friday's quiz.

Week of November 5
Monday - p. 146 vocab
Tuesday - no school
Wednesday - discuss 5 things that could go wrong during mitosis
Thursday - complete packet (cell lab)
Friday - review notes

Week of October 22
There will not be any written homework this week because students are expected to use this time to complete their cell theory project which is due on Monday 10. 29

Week of October 15
Monday - p. 62 vocab due on Wednesday; sign test and do corrections
Tuesday- p. 62 vocab
Wednesday - read information on p. 79 for each system write the characteristic of life it fulfills
Thursday - complete packet on microscope
Friday - review notes;  cell theory project (see below)

Week of October 9, 2018

Tuesday - study for exam
Wednesday-review notes EXAM #1 - Scientific Method
Thursday - explain organization in living things 
Friday - look over notes 

Week of October 1, 2018
Monday - Define the following types of graphs – bar, line, pictograph  and pie
Tuesday in a venn diagram compare any two types of graphs
Wednesday-complete the in class project
Thursday - complete the lab packet and metric conversion in the data tables
Friday - review notes exam on Tuesday

Week of September 24, 2018
Monday - complete the worksheet on scientific inquiry
Tuesday study for Wednesday's quiz on hypothesis iv, and dv
Wednesday-describe 3 tools used in science
Thursday - complete the lab packet
Friday - review notes

Week of September 17, 2018
Monday - define the following terms in your vocab section of your notebook (you can use today's notes or textbook) - hypothesis, control, constant, independent variable, dependent variable
Tuesday -Thursday - write the question and answer on loose leaf - p. 41 #1-4 due on Friday 
Friday - review your notes on scientific method - quiz on Wednesday 9.26

Week of September 12, 2018
Wednesday - sign and discuss the lab safety contract form.  Attach it to a sheet of looseleaf describing why three of the safety rules must be followed and what could happen if it is not.
Thursday - what are your studying habits?  answer in a paragraph on loose leaf.
Week of September 5,2018
Wednesday - parents must email me at rbarravecchio@schools.nyc.gov   be sure to have student's name and class in subject and in email include parent phone number.
Thursday - sign and return contract

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