8th Grade Science

Welcome to 8th grade science!
Mrs. Barravecchio -
 email - rbarravecchio@schools.nyc.gov

Welcome Back!

Upcoming Dates -  
Quiz on Scientific Investigation on Tuesday 9.17

Grading Policy:
15% Quizzes
35% Exams
15% Projects
15% Homework
20% Labs and Classwork

Week of September 16:

QUIZ on TUESDAY on Scientific method be sure to review - hypothesis, iv, dv, and how to make an experiment valid.

Monday - on loose leaf copy the question and answer the following questions p. 41 #1-4.  Also answer on p. 41 - discussion question on the top of the page.  Due on Thursday (801 - due on Friday)
Thursday - copy and paste the following address to open a pdf file    https://www.problem-attic.com/pdf/g47e5wta
please print this file and answer all the questions.  Due on MOnday (802- due on Tuesday)

Week of September 9:
Monday - sign textbook form and hand in by Wednesday
Tuesday - vocab -due on Friday - define the following terms in the back of your notebook - independent variable, dependent variable, constant, control group, hypothesis
Friday - in your notebook - explain two pros and two cons of experimental design lab ; study for Tuesday's quiz on experimental design

Week of September 5
  • please email me (rbarravecchio@schools.nyc.gov)  with your child's name in the subject and the class.  In the email please provide me with your contact information
  • please sign and complete the form 
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