8th Grade Living Environment

Welcome to the Living Environment!
Contact information - Mrs. Barravecchio  rbarravecchio@schools.nyc.gov

Grading Policy:
15% Quizzes
35% Exams
15% Projects
15% Homework
20% Labs and Classwork

Upcoming Dates:

Quiz on biochemistry on Wednesday 11. 27
Quiz on cells on Thursday 10.31
Make up quiz on Monday 11.3
Exam on cells on Wednesday 11.7
Exam - Tuesday 10.8 and Thursday 10.10 on scientific inquiry
Quiz - Thursday 9. 19 - scientific inquiry

I found this link that has a list of regents questions by topic.  If you want extra practice for each topic, try these questions.  Feel free to email questions you might have about these.  https://www.bville.org/tfiles/folder3458/LE%20REGENTS%20QUESTIONS%20by%20topics1-05%20to%208-07.pdf

Week of Nov. 18
Monday -lab 1.6 - Diffusion Lab due on Thursday
Wednesday - p. 59 #34-36 - question and answer on loose leaf
Thursday - review notes - quiz on Wednesday 11. 27

Week of Nov. 12
Tuesday - review notes on cells
Wednesday - make up exam #2 - cells; read p. 100 -101 write 5 points and loose leaf and 2 questions based on the reading
Thursday - review notes on biochemistry

Week of Nov. 3
Monday - complete part II of state lab
Wednesday - exam on Unit 2 - Cells; vocab - reactant, product, acid, base, pH scale and biochemistry
Thursday -get goal sheet signed and performance task signed 

Week of October 28
Monday - Lab report 1. 5- Plant and Animal Cells due on Thursday
Tuesday - Wednesday - Billboard Organelle Project due on Friday
A little experiment - lets try google classroom - join my class by logging into google then select google classroom and enter this code to join my class - dj8thq
Week of October 21
Monday - lab report 1.4 - Making connections - lab report due on Thursday

Lab report must include
Name                       804                    number
Lab 1.4 - making connections
Vocab - independent variable. dependent variable,  hypothesis
Materials and Procedure - summarize what you did on both days of the lab
Attach student answer packet

Tuesday - on loose leaf answer questions 1,2,4, and 5 on p. 15 
Wednesday - lab report due on Thursday
Thursday - work on billboard sign due next Thursday

Week of October 15-
Tuesday - Lab 1.4- Making connections - complete part I of packet and design experiment to test hypothesis
Wednesday - define the following terms in your vocab section - cell, nucleus, ribosome, concentration gradient, cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, diffusion, osmosis, selectively permeable
Thursday - review vocab

Week of October 7 -
MOnday - Lab 1.4- Making connections - complete part I of packet and design experiment to test hypothesis
Tuesday - Unit 1 Exam Part I
Thursday - Unit 1 Exam Part II

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