8th Grade Living Environment

Welcome to the Living Environment!
Contact information - Mrs. Barravecchio  rbarravecchio@schools.nyc.gov

Grading Policy:
15% Quizzes
35% Exams
15% Projects
15% Homework
20% Labs and Classwork

Upcoming Dates:
State Performance Exam - Wednesday 5.29
State Written Exam - Monday 6.3
Quiz on DNA on Wednesday 5. 8
Exam on Genetics on Thursday 5. 9 -punnett squares, recombination, DNA structure, base sequence, protein synthesis, 
Morning Review classes start on Thursday 5.2 please see permission slip below
Quiz on Genetics - Thursday 4.18
Friday 4.12 - exam on Unit 5 - Reproduction
Science fair dates :  Tuesday 3.19 - lab report due; Tuesday 3.26 - trifold board due; Wednesday 3.27 presentations begin
Thursday 2.14 - Body System Exam
Friday 1. 4- science fair choices are due!
Exam on Unit 3 - Biochemistry on Friday 12.14
Part I of unit project - Nutritional group pamphlet due on Wed. 12.12
Exam on Cells on Thursday 11. 8

Week of May 29
complete all classwork
Students will be taking the performance part of the NY State Science exam on Wednesday or Thursday
The written part of the NY science exam will be on Monday 6.3 

Week of May 20
Homework - Select pages of Beaks of Finches lab is due on  Tuesday ;Wednesday review notes on evolution;  Friday's lesson is on HIV please review the letter sent home with your child on Monday.
Week of May 13










lab packet due tomorrow            

 compare two methods of genetic engineering   due on Thursday 

 compare two methods of genetic engineering   due on Thursday

complete monster genetic lab

Lab packet on Beaks of Finches
Week of May 6
Tuesday - study for quiz on DNA
Wednesday - review notes for tomorrow's quiz
Thursday - complete selected questions from lab packet

Week of April 29
Tuesday - review notes on DNA structure; complete handout including labeling and coloring
Wednesday - Thursday - MATH state test
Friday - lab report due on Tuesday May 7

Week of April 15
Tuesday - define the following terms in your vocab section - DNA, nucleotide, dominant, recessive, heteroygous, homozygous
Wednesday - review notes for quiz tomorrow
Thursday - review Unit 5 

Week of April 8
Tuesday - p. 171-173 #1-10 question and answer 
Wednesday - quiz tomorrow on development
Thursday - study for tomorrow's exam

Week of April 1
There will be no homework because of state testing this week.  However there will be a quiz on mitosis and meiosis  on Friday.

Week of March 25
Students must hand in the trifold boards on Tuesday morning in the gym.  The students should prepare for their presentations.

Week of March 18
Students must hand in the science fair lab report this Tuesday March 19.  Next Tuesday they must hand in their trifold boards by 8:15 in the gym. 

Week of March 11
Lab 3.1 - due on Tuesday 3.12
Science Fair lab report due on Tuesday 3.19

Week of March 4
Tuesday - complete and sign the bottom of unit 4 goal sheet
Wednesday - define the following terms - vaccine, antigen, antibodies, allergies, and immunosuppressant drugs
Thursday - review notes on immunity
Friday - complete lab report - Lab 3.1 - The Skin due on Tuesday 3.12

Week of Feb. 25
On Tuesday - the frog lab 2.9 is due, this is counting as 120 minutes of lab time. 

Students will be working in class on a group project about a specific system.  They may need additional time at home to complete some work.  Presentations will be begin on Thursday.  Students will also be getting their test on body systems back this week, they should do corrections and get test signed.

Week of Feb. 11
Color and label page on of frog dissection handout.
Science fair draft is due on Thursday 2.14

Week of Feb. 4
Monday - complete lab packet on Menstrual Cycle
Wednesday - research a nervous system malfunction; be ready to present information on Thursday
Thursday - review notes
Friday - Lab 2.9 - Frog Part I

Week of January 25
lab report for lab 2.7 - due on Tuesday
Research a cardiovascular disease.  What causes it?  What are the effects of the disease?  - be prepared to present to the class 
on Thursday

Week of January 22 -
  • Nutritional Project part II due on Tuesday 1.22
  • Lab 2.6 - Excretion is due on Friday 1. 25
  • compare the excretory system to the respiratory system - due on Thursday
Week of January 14

Nutritional Project part II due on Tuesday 1.23
Quiz on Excretion and Digestion on Thursday 1.16

Week of January 3
On Wednesday - lab on lung capacity is due!
Friday - students must submit their science fair choices.

Week of December 17
Tuesday - Wednesday - define the function of three systems of the human and body list it organs.(70-90)
Thursday -review notes and get goal sheet signed.
Friday - lab report on lung capacity due on Jan. 2

Week of December 10
Monday - Tuesday - complete lab report on classification; food groups pamphlet is due on Wednesday
Wednesday - study for tomorrow's practice test on Biochemistry
Friday - exam on Biochemistry! review sheet below
Week of December 3
Monday - lab report for lab 2.2 due on Tuesday
Wednesday - Friday - complete the pamphlet on nutritional groups due on Wednesday 12.12
exam on Friday 12.14 on unit 3 - biochemistry

Week of November 26

Tuesday - summarize issues with the American diet
Wednesday -list all the food you ate today and identify the food groups each item belongs to
Thursday - find an article for your project
Friday - lab report on enzymes due Tuesday.

Week of November 19
Tuesday - in a Venn diagram - compare two macro molecules
Wednesday - review notes

Happy Thanksgiving !

Week of November 12

Tuesday - work on lab report - due on Wednesday
Wednesday - define - reactants, products, enzymes, substrate, acid, base, pHscale
Thursday - review notes
Friday - lab report due on Tuesday.

Week of November 5
Monday - write up hypothesis and procedure from lab
Tuesday - no school
Wednesday - study for test
Thursday - exam
Friday - lab report due on Tuesday.

Week of October 29
students should complete their cell organelle billboard
Exam #2 - Cell organelles will be on Thursday 11.8

Week of October 22
Monday  - complete lab report for 1.6 - pH lab
Tuesday - Tuesday - students should complete their cell organelle project which is due on Wed. 10/31

Friday - work on lab report
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